Celebrity relations icon Rembrandt Flores opens up about his transition from Hollywood into Web3


Rembrandt Flores. Photo courtesy of Rembrandt Flores.

Celebrity relations icon Rembrandt Flores discussed his transition from Hollywood to Web3.

For 17 years, Rembrandt Flores has seen it all, exercising patience, levity, and honesty as he harnesses his affinity for entertainment and socializing to help make the entertainment industry a little brighter and more flashy, injecting authenticity into the landscape.

From launch parties and film festivals, benefit showings, post-Academy Awards celebrations, and countless other industry-leading events, Flores initially ventured into talent public relations, with his agency Entertainment Fusion Group, as he He made sure to always be on the right. place at the right time to help successfully launch, activate and mentor corporate brands in conjunction with their events.

Fast-forward to 2022, where Flores, having transitioned from Hollywood to dive headfirst into Web3, left caution to the wind to continue his passion for connecting people with one another and helping take ideas and events to the next level. .

“I always try to be a forerunner, rather than a follower,” Flores said. “I left caution to the wind and let my bravery lead the way. When I left Hollywood I didn’t know much about Web3, NFT or crypto, but I always knew how to make a project ‘stand out’ and get people to hear about the next best thing.”

Flores is also the co-founder of 8Commas, an NFT, cryptocurrency, and blockchain marketing agency, along with Nicole Behnam, a Hollywood journalist turned Web3 founder and advisor, injecting storytelling and passion into their many remarkable conversations throughout the space. Web3, including Reese Witherspoon. , Neil Strauss and 3LAU.

The agency works with creators, founders, and artists to help them create and drive their narratives across traditional and startup digital networks.

Not forgetting where he came from, Flores has brought his experience and network with him to Web3, ushering celebrities, influencers, and Hollywood’s most luxurious brands into a much larger world filled with endless possibilities and a strong sense of community.

“We pride ourselves on only working with people whose art and projects we truly believe in, and who will add value to the Web3 community. Our team is well versed in this new world, and we are happy to raise voices that may not have been heard before,” Flores emphasized.

From one event to another, change is a good thing

As for the many, many real-life events Flores has attended during his 17 years in the industry, he described the current landscape as “bittersweet”:

“The industry hasn’t changed much in the amount of time I’ve been in this city,” he says. “I see some of the same people; I see some of the same players. It is both comforting, but also sad. It’s bittersweet in a way, because I love going to these events and seeing all these familiar faces, but I also long to interact with people from different industries besides my own. I think that’s another reason why I love Web3, as I meet new people every day!”

In a leap of faith, Flores decided to explore Web3 simply because he wanted to do something different, due to what he says is the “possibility of being the next big thing.”

“Usually my instincts are correct and luckily they hit the nail on the head with this new space,” he explained. “[Web3] it’s a whole new world, and we’re a bunch of new players with very few really grounded rules. All I know is that I’m having the time of my life and making money that I haven’t seen in my last few years in Hollywood.”

the future of entertainment

As Hollywood continues to dip its toes into the waters of Web3, most recently with the NFT partnerships and expansion into the metaverse, there are some who aren’t entirely convinced this space is here to stay.

“Mass adoption will always be a good thing for the community,” says Flores.

Continuing, he asked “will there be more chaos too? Yes of course! That is expected. I think once Hollywood realizes how much money is left on the table through Web3 and NFT, it will only be a matter of time before all of Hollywood gets on board.”

The 8Commas partner says there is no future he can see that doesn’t include Web3. “This new world is made for Hollywood. Think about it: music, television, and film are exactly the kind of intellectual property that would work well on Web3.”

A message for today’s generation

We asked Flores what 3 things he wishes a new Hollywood talent knew about this space as they begin to dive into the sometimes convoluted waters of what many consider to be the future of entertainment, or Entertainment 3.0.

First, the project has to come from the heart. Second, it must be community-focused. Third, it must provide some amazing utility if you want longevity in this space. Give people what they want and they will in turn support you if you keep them in mind.

As for today’s younger generations, Flores encourages Gen-Z and Millennials to enter this space with open hearts.

“This world is truly unlike anything anyone has ever experienced or seen. You can’t go into the space acting like it’s Hollywood, because it definitely isn’t. Period.”