Bitcoin (BTC) Down 0.32%, Ethereum (ETH) Falls 0.49%, Binance (BNB) Gains 3.53%

The cryptocurrency market on December 19 was trading at a loss, although some altcoins were trading at a profit. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (Sol) all fell and traded at a loss, while Binance (BNB) and Aave (AAVE) and others traded at a profit.

Cryptocurrency market capitalization fell 0.27% to $806.84 billion and its trading volume dropped 16.55% to $22.1 billion, according to data from at 8:55 a.m.

cryptocurrency prices

bitcoin: BTC fell 0.35 percent to $16,683.35.

BTC trading on December 14 was highly volatile with its price trading in a tight range between $16,693.67 and $16,815.39. However, at midnight around 12, BTC experienced a sudden bullish price momentum and lifted it from lows of $16,693.67 to highs of $16,815.39. This uplifting impulse continued from midnight. On the morning of December 19, Bitcoin is oscillating between red and green charts.

The lowest price for BTC was $17,642.51. BTC trading volume dropped by 0.83 percent to $26,336,338,713.

combination: Binance (BNB) has been trading in the green zone over the past 24 hours, up 3.53 percent with its price trading between the range of $240.73 to $253.34.

Binance trading volume decreased by 9.49% to $917,278,704.

Ethereal: Ethereum (ETH) price fell 0.49 percent to $1,181.07 in the last 24 hours to Thursday morning.

ETH was also experiencing volatile trading just like BTC. However, around 4 am on December 19, encouraging momentum prevailed in ETH trading and as a direct result, the ETH price jumped to $1189.72. But their trading volume levels continued to be lower.

The lowest price for ETH was $1,181.11. ETH trading volume dropped by 11.20 percent to $3,949,205,004.

Other altcoins: Solana (SOL) price was down 0.17 percent at $12.42 today.

Ripple (XRP) was down 0.84 percent at $0.2677 and its 24-hour trading volume was $152,324,610.

Cardano (ADA) was down 0.16 percent at $0.2679. Cardano’s 24-hour trading volume dropped by 49.79% to $152,428,096.

meme coins

Dogecoin fell 1.48 percent to $0.07816. Its 24-hour trading volume dropped by 34.70 percent to $270,748,815.

Shiba Inu was down 2.49 percent at $270,748,815.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Yearn.Finance (YFI) was down 1.91 percent at $5,574.48. Its 24-hour trading volume dropped by 5 percent to $12,967,738.

Avalanche (AVAX) was down 0.32 percent at $11.98 and its 24-hour trading volume was down 26.20 percent at $85,663,085.

Aave (AAVE) was trading up 0.58 percent at $55.81 and its 24-hour trading volume was down 30.57 percent at $25,309,051.