Big Eyes Coin Vs Ripple Vs Tamadoge: What Can $1 Do for You?

The DeFi space continues to feature disruptive innovations that cut across different industries and economies. The internet community has continued to show solidarity with the economy and decentralized finance (DeFi). Over the past two years, more than $50 billion worth of DeFi protocols have been locked up across more than 13 blockchain networks.

Ripple is one of the renowned networks that brings a whole new environment to the DeFi industry through its unique exchange currency, XRP, and ecosystem. Ripple has been seen by analysts as a disrupter of the traditional banking system as it seeks to create borderless transactions.

Big Eyes is another ecosystem, though it cuts through the jungle of memes and taming to offer easy crypto and NFT transactions, as well as giving back to society. Big Eyes will achieve its goal of shaking up the DeFi space with its value proposition and native cryptocurrency, $BIG.

Can Big Eyes Coin compete with Ripple?

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is an ecosystem that seeks to champion the cause of society and our environment. This fundamental responsibility for each emerging DeFi protocol is also eminent in Ripple, which has been one of the greenest networks in DeFi.

Big Eyes is a community-driven ecosystem that allows virtually anyone with internet access to enjoy DeFi seamlessly. Through the BIG coin, Big Eyes will introduce faster and more scalable blockchain services to users around the world. Big Eyes Coin is a token that will be at the forefront of Big Eyes development and will enable customization and innovation in the ecosystem.

Big Eyes is a multi-chain protocol that will facilitate seamless cross-chain transactions. This multi-chain offering encompasses NFTs and cryptocurrency trading. As a meme token, Big Eyes will combine publicity and community power with your utilities to increase the value of your token when times turn favorable.

Ripple is a great network, although the milestone it has set seems to be haunting him in the meantime. Ripple has not yet resumed its activities in the US market due to the inconvenience it faces from the SEC. However, the XRP Army has continued to show solidarity on the network and its native currency.

Ripple’s pending lawsuit could determine a final decision in the US.

Ripple was founded in the US but is not listed on the US market because the US court has yet to decide its fate on its status as a security or simply a cryptocurrency. The lawsuit could spark a whole new market idea and influence Ripple, potentially changing the ecosystem forever.

Ripple markets itself as a crypto solution for businesses as it aims to attract more businesses to DeFi and ensure that the DeFi needs of these businesses are met smoothly. Ripple’s main offering includes cross-border payments and central bank dollars (CBDC), a digital fiat currency that resembles cryptocurrencies.

To date, Ripple has raised over $280 million in funding from venture capitalists and investors around the world. Ripple’s investor traction is unmatched at the time of this writing due to the huge potential that awaits the network.

Big Eyes Coin vs Ripple, which is more viable?

Ripple is a great ecosystem and cryptocurrency, however, it is down over 59% since the start of the crypto winter of 2022. Its pending lawsuit with the SEC has also contributed to the drop, so Ripple has continued to enjoy its quarterly report. stream of revenue generation and venture funding to fuel promising projects.

Big Eyes, on the other hand, is still in its kitten stage and ready to explode into a bigger cat that could generate a 1000x price value on the token. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is destined to be a top cryptocurrency as it mimics Dogecoin and Shiba Inu in trending to the moon.

Comparing Big Eyes and Ripple will not be a good idea as Ripple is way ahead of the Big Eyes coin. However, a good approach would be to compare Big Eyes coin and Ripple (XRP) on the note of their potential and the facilities that cause such incidence.

Big Eyes Coin features include:

  • cryptocurrency trading. Big Eyes introduces a DEX exchange protocol to transact cryptocurrencies cross-chain and provide liquidity on your exchange. The DEX will have a perfect UX/UI that might even encourage people who are not crypto experts to start trading cryptocurrencies.
  • NFT trading. Big Eyes’ NFT trading feature will enable interoperability between platforms. The minted NFTs will also be used in Big Eyes’ play-to-win feature to create fun events that could potentially generate profits for users.
  • Liquidity mining. Anyone can provide liquidity on the Big Eyes DEX exchange and earn part of the transaction pool fees through liquidity mining and participation.
  • Charity. Big Eyes is committed to championing social causes that include reducing carbon emissions and a healthier environment. Big Eyes also wants to distribute 5% of transaction fees to charity. That is, for each transaction, a fee of 5% remitted is collected and sent to the wallet designed specifically for charitable purposes.

Ripple features compare as:

  • Borderless transactions. Ripple provides a platform where anyone can supply or access crypto liquidity from anywhere in the world using the XRP token.
  • Central Bank Dollar (CBDC). The central bank dollar is the advantage of Ripple to promote Internet banking. It is a digital currency equivalent to fiat that could be used online for payments.
  • crypto liquidity. You can also buy, sell and store your digital assets in XRP. XRP provides a faster network than many blockchain networks. Your network can power your entire ecosystem to a much greater purpose than Ethereum.

Why buy Big Eyes coins?

From the features and offerings of Big Eyes mentioned above, you can see that the cat-themed meme token is set to make an impact in the crypto market. As a growing ecosystem, you can be a part of its growth by buying and saving your token. So how do you buy the token?

  • Fund a crypto wallet with USDT or Ethereum
  • Visit the main Big Eyes site and connect your wallet. You can also choose to buy by credit/debit card through Moonpay available on the platform.
  • Go to the “Buy now” and start the transaction process.

Big Eyes is going through a presale stage which is ongoing at the time of this writing. You can get as many BIG tokens as possible with as little as 1 USD. Your 1 USD could increase 1000 times in the future generating more than $1000 when a token reaches $1 per unit price.

Big Eyes shares a resemblance to Tamadoge, a meme token from the metaverse that is also in its pre-sale stage. Tamadoge offers discounted cryptocurrency sales prices through pre-sale, and this offer could skyrocket before the ICO.

Meanwhile, both cryptocurrencies are thematic rivals: Big Eyes comes from the cat family within the memeverse, while Tamadoge appears from the Doge family.


Big Eyes Coin and Ripple are great projects whose potential hangs in the balance. While Ripple awaits its fate and verdict in court to create a full or new path, Big Eyes is already winning the hearts of cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts through its novelty and huge potential to return 1000x its price. presale. We keep our fingers crossed as we look to the future of ecosystems and cryptocurrencies.


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