Big Eyes Coin, Tezos, And Litecoin: Things One Should Know Before Getting Into These Crypto Projects

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Anyone considering getting into the crypto world needs to know what cryptocurrency is and how it can be good and bad for them. Tezos (XTZ) and Litecoin (LTC) are the two tokens in this article that have completed a bull and bear cycle and managed to survive. Nevertheless, Big Eyed Coin (BIG) it will be released in 2023 after its pre-sale ends. Which, by the way, is growing at a very fast rate. Let’s see what these projects offer to traders before buying them.


Tezos (XTZ): Revolutionizing Web 3.0

Tezos (XTZ) is a Blockchain network that aims to revolutionize Web 3 technology by offering a decentralized platform for seamless communication. Token holders manage the platform and their votes decide all crucial issues. XTZ claims to be a highly secure, upgradeable network built to withstand the harshness and competitiveness of the crypto market. Like ETH, XTZ also offers smart contracts to create dApps, tokens, and more. It is inspired by the ETH mainnet but is more advanced than it. Its algorithm allows it to adapt as new users join the platform. It has a market capitalization of over $900 million, which allows it to be in the top 50 tokens.

Litecoin (LTC): First Pure Altcoin

Litecoin (LTC) is considered to be the first altcoin to be introduced after the Bitcoin (BTC) protocol. The founders of LTC wanted to create a lighter version of BTC so that traders could make small transactions on this network with fewer fees instead of paying a hefty one in BTC. The LTC and BTC algorithm match significantly due to their origins. LTC uses PoW consensus to confirm blockchain transactions. His team created around 84 million LTC tokens, but more than 71 million are still in circulation as of this writing. LTC has faster transaction time, low transaction fees, and sustainability that allows it to process micropayments and remains prominent in the crypto space. With a market capitalization of over $5 billion, LTC is proud to be in the top 15 platforms.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG): Marketing like no other

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) makes sure it is seen all over the world. Their marketing team has gone above and beyond to get the tokens in front of a maximum audience. They have recently shown a 3D advertisement on a screen in Times Square, which caught the attention of potential buyers. The team uses BIG as its shorthand ticker. It claims to provide tons of resources to its buyers, from accessing exclusive content and NFTs to becoming part of a productive partnership. He wants to bring money into the DeFi system so that traders can earn more profit. The community has the power to introduce new features. That’s why BIG had a zero transaction tax policy. He wants to improve crypto adoption as recent news in the market has significantly hurt the market cap.

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Get BIG tokens at a discounted price

Public pre-sale is always an opportunity to purchase tokens at a discounted price. There are only a few meme coin projects with solid fundamentals, and BIG is one of them. In the ongoing seventh stage of the public pre-sale, anyone can visit the website and get 3181 BIG coins for every USDT they spend on shopping. Of the total offer, 70% is dedicated to this pre-launch sale.

Identifying the best crypto projects can be a challenging task due to fluctuating market conditions. However, the BIG coin has not officially set foot on the market, but it has already created a large community that will serve its needs in future listings. use discount code SUSHI254 for exclusive bonuses and extra earnings when you buy $BIG during pre-sale!


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