Best Crypto Traders to Follow on Twitter

@SmartContracter predicted an Aave rally a day before the 30% surge, proving that he is one of the best crypto traders to follow on Twitter.

He first posted on March 19, 2022 that he had started to add to his long-term position in $AAVE as it had corrected 84% from its all-time high and it is a crypto project that he is confident will continue to exist for years to come. years.

He then posted an Elliott Wave chart on March 28, a type of technical analysis that some crypto traders have had success with when change day, being ‘Bluntz’ one of them. Although it is not the only cryptocurrency trading strategy he tweets about.

He posted that there are a lot of crypto price charts like Aave right now, but that defi coins were oversold, Aave one of the most, and their bear market structure from early 2021 would start to reverse and turn bullish soon. Aave also has a chance of hitting a new all-time high in the next 12 months, he added.

Over the next day and a half, the price of Aave rose from $165 to over $240, a 45% move. Aave is currently priced at $229, now just 66% off its $668 ATH at Binance.

Best Cryptocurrency Trader to Follow: Other Tweets

This is not the first time that he has proven to be one of the best cryptocurrency traders to follow on Twitter.

His most famous tweet, which he currently pins to his profile, was a prediction that Bitcoin’s bottom line in 2018 would be $3,200, give or take $200. It ended up being $3156.26 at Binance on the BTC/USDT chart, in December of that year.

I’m calling a bottom at exactly 3.2k with a $200 headroom on each side. – June 23, 2018

Citing a tweet from himself about a year later, he noted that it was the only time the entire bear market called a bottom, and it did so six months in advance.

An incredible call, and one that we remember seeing at the time when it looked like Bitcoin would never go back up and would have another bull run, and the cryptocurrency was dead.

Unlike some of the accounts that people consider to be the best crypto traders, it does not advertise a paid pool or signal service, and provides all its advice, tips, and educational material for free. Similar to @Pentosh1, who is another top Twitter crypto trader, or ‘CT’ as he is affectionately known.

Pentoshi predicted Bitcoin’s cap would be around $64k (in February 2022, two months before the $65k cap) and posted screenshots of it. base of coins showing that he had sold $2.5 million worth of BTC there.

Both cryptocurrency traders are not active on Telegram or Youtube so please follow them on Twitter.

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Traders to Follow

Here is a helpful list of the best cryptocurrency traders to follow on Twitter and their handles. Some also have Telegram profiles and YouTube channels where they post technical analyzes (TA).

We’ve based this top 10 list on his proven TA skills and fundamental analysis (FA) knowledge, not on a huge following gained through clickbait and marketing tactics.

One of the best cryptocurrency traders to follow who is not a very active Twitter user but is active on Youtube is crypto face. Live stream your trades using leveraged large positions and Market Cipher trading software.

Note – Beware of imposters who try to send you direct messages or invite you to Telegram groups, they often copy the appearance of the profile of the best cryptocurrency traders to scam people.

They will respond to your response on the page of a crypto trader you are following and pretend to be them. Check that the user identifier matches carefully. Never send money to someone who sends you messages online.

Crypto assets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.