Australia court halts release of Pokémon NFTs amid row on use of characters


Pokémon Company International (TPCi) has secured victory in federal court against an Australian company claiming to be the developer of the game franchise.

According to court documents, Parramatta-based developer KOTIOTA Studio had been posing as a Pokemon developer since the beginning of the year. In August, KOTIOTA sent a series of legal letters to the media seeking recognition in the publications that the company should be named a developer of Pokémon.

On its website, KOTIOTA said that it was developing several Pokémon games, including Pokémon Violet and Pokémon Scarlet. The firm went on to claim that it was working on the release non-fungible tokens (NFT) related to the Pokémon franchise, forcing the TPCi to take legal action.

TCPi enlisted the help of a cybersecurity company that identified the jurisdiction of KOTIOTA as Australia, but surveillance of its office building revealed that the company had no staff working from the location. TCPi went to a federal court in Australia to ban KOTIOTA from releasing any NFTs similar to Pokemon characters.

In their affidavit before Katherine Fang, representative of TCPI, the original creators of Pokemon He gave provenance about the history of the brand and the popularity of the characters. Fang reiterated that the company had made a “deliberate decision” to stay away from NFTs despite the growing popularity of digital collectibles.

“TPCi is particularly concerned about the harm that TPCi, The Pokémon Company, Nintendo of America, Inc, Nintendo Co. Ltd, and each of their licensees and consumers would suffer if defendants made the PokeWorld game available and/or issued Pokémon NFT . ”the court documents said.

Although KOTIOTA did not attend the proceedings, the court ruled that they had been legally served with the court documents. No charges were filed against the defendants, and with the court’s decision, TCPi can breathe a sigh of relief that unauthorized NFT Pokémon would not be flooding the markets.

Stay away from NFTs

It’s unclear why TCPI chooses to stay out of NFTs, but some members of the community have suggested that the nature of the scarcity goes against the ethics of Pokemon. However, others have argued that an official Pokémon NFT release could outperform major digital collectibles like Bored Monkey Yacht Club (BAYC).

Minecraft Announced in 2021 that it would ban all gaming-related NFT technology on the grounds that “all players should have access to the same functionalities.”

“To ensure that Minecraft players have a safe and inclusive experience, blockchain technologies are not allowed to be integrated within our client and server applications, nor is Minecraft game content such as worlds, skins, personal items or other modifications,” he said. Minecraft in a blog post.

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