Asian companies are expected to lead the global Web3 innovation trend


C² Companies

C² Companies

Singapore, November 7, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On October 22, 2022, the Web3 Training Salon, co-hosted by Huoda Education and C² Ventures, an independent Web3 venture capital firm, was successfully held in Singapore. of the chain. Dr. Jianing Yu, President of Huoda Education and Chairman of the Metaverse Committee of the Asian Blockchain Industry Institute, and Ciara Sun, Founder and Managing Partner of C² Ventures, delivered keynote addresses.

The show invited leading Web3 entrepreneurs and investors, including Calvin Cheng, former Singapore MP and founder of XelebX, a Web3 membership-based celebrity fan club, GM, a partner in Dragonfly, a Web3, Shunyet Jan, Head of Asia-Pacific at Tower Research Capital, and Dujun, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Huobi and ABCDE Capital, among others.

Additionally, there were representatives from leading industry companies like Avalanche, ChainUp, Amber Group, and a number of Web3 projects including E2M, Avocado DAO,, Outland, etc.

During the salon, participants discussed new economic and organizational forms in the Web3 era, possible future breakthrough points, and how VCs can better empower startups. The hall helped Huoda Education’s “Global Blockchain Leading Program – GBLP” train top Web3 talents at multiple levels and provide a strong boost to the crypto industry.

In the hall titled “New Economic and Organizational Forms in the Web3 Era”, Yuan Yuming, CEO of Huochain Technology, Sailor Zhong, Founder and CEO of ChainUp, Annabelle Huang, Managing Partner of Amber Group, Li Peicai, Co-Founder of E2M and Zhao Chen from Cryptojew shared their views on the future trends of Web3.

Sailor Zhong commented that security is an extremely important topic for the development of the Web3 industry and there will be some new solutions to solve DeFi problems in the future. Therefore, Web3 can significantly increase market confidence in DeFi and create huge opportunities.

Calvin Cheng, Former Singaporean MP and Founder of XelebX (a celebrity fan club based on Web3 members), Brendan Wong, Co-Founder of Avocado DAO, Adam Zhao, CEO of, Wilson Wu, Director of Avalanche Asia , Blair Teng—Crasolum Partner and Outland Consultant, and Ciara Sun—Founder and Managing Partner of C² Ventures attended the show with the theme “Gaming and Entertainment: Web3 Flashpoint.”

Calvin Cheng emphasized that the best way to run Web3 projects is to attract followers from the traditional Web2 camp and gradually convert them into Web3 dwellers. This transition comes down to product design and user experience, which should in no way be problematic or complicated. The best solution is to allow users to experience the opportunities of Web3 with a single click.

In the hall with the theme “How can Crypto VC better invest and survive in a bear market?”, Dr. Yu Jianing, Chairman of Huoda Education, Honorary Chairman of Hong Kong Blockchain Association, and Chairman of Asian Blockchain Industry Institute Metaverse Committee , Ciara Sun—Founder and Managing Partner of C² Ventures, Dujun—Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Huobi and ABCDE Capital, GM—Partner of Dragonfly and Shunyet Jan—Head of Tower Research Capital Asia-Pacific Branch provided participants with Pro tips on how to survive bear markets based on their past experience as top investors.

Dujun believes that the demand for increasingly complex blockchain applications makes the Ethereum Layer 2 network a key direction for future innovation. In particular, the ERC-4337 Ethernet Accounting Abstraction Protocol deserves special attention.

Ciara Sun, on the other hand, commented that, as the Federal Reserve raises the interest rate and the macroeconomic environment deteriorates, the cryptocurrency field seems to be plummeting back to the lower or near lower zone. The top priority for institutions right now is to continue their investment research to better prepare for the next bull market. Furthermore, the pan-technological field represented by Web3 is a technological revolution and a thought experiment where both men and women must be present. This means that the era of Web 3 should see the elimination of gender inequality and give women a say in demonstrating their power in the blockchain industry.

For the future of Web3, Dr. Yu Jianing suggested that the Web3 revolution will be a global trend, and a new round of Internet iteration and upgrade is already under way, reaching every corner of the world. Asian companies have obvious advantages in technology and products and are expected to lead the global innovation trend.

This training room jointly organized by Huoda Education and C² Companies it’s a Web3 ideas party for all participants. As a renowned education and training institution that promotes blockchain to empower the real economy, Huoda Education seeks to “cultivate blockchain thinking from top entrepreneurs.” Its GBLP course aims to lead students to “explore new insights at the forefront of business transformation and enter the core layer of the blockchain community.” GBLP students will have a better understanding of the global blockchain industry trend. the blockchain, the underlying logic of the blockchain, the frontier technology of the blockchain, and the future value of the blockchain.In a nutshell, GBLP courses help students “explore new knowledge at the forefront of business transformation and enter the core layer of the blockchain industry.”

The purpose of the GBLP course is to lead students to “explore the new frontier knowledge of trading exchange and enter the core of blockchain.” GBLP students have a better understanding of global blockchain industry trends, the underlying logic of blockchain, the cutting-edge technology of blockchain, and the future value of blockchain. In a nutshell, GBLP helps students really establish blockchain thinking. So far, more than 400 entrepreneurs and investors have signed up for the course.

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