AllStars Digital Announces AllStars Coin ($ASX) IEO, Lists on BitMart

B.By listing the AllStars Coin ($ASX) on leading cryptocurrency exchange BitMart ahead of its IEO next week, AllStars Digital hopes to bring new sports-based digital asset trading and investing opportunities to millions of people around the world. world. Here’s why it’s important and what to expect in the coming weeks and months.

AllStars Digital (ASD), the world’s first digital sports trading exchange, announced a new partnership with BitMart, a recognized leader in the cryptocurrency exchange space. BitMart has millions of customers in more than 180 countries around the world and supports trading of more than 1000 different cryptocurrencies and tokens.

ASD has also announced its upcoming initial exchange offering, IEO, in which a new utility token called AllStars Coin ($ASX) will be created. $ASX will be an important part of the ASD ecosystem and will be used for everything from paying trading fees, gambling and investing in digital assets to gaining access to exclusive NFT drops and both virtual and real life events and collectibles. $ASX will also be used in ASD fantasy sports leagues, ASD Metaverse, and ASD-based decentralized applications (dApps).

By listing $ASX on BitMart and providing access to this utility token to new users around the world through the upcoming IEO, ASD hopes to bring the benefits of sports-based digital asset trading and investing to fans of the world’s most popular sports, starting with cricket, football, and basketball, and even esports, with more sports, brand engagements, and activities to come.

How the technology works

AllStar Digital uses proven quantitative calculation and valuation indices in conjunction with blockchain to transparently and accurately place dollar value on the performance of sports athletes. Instead of restricting sports fans and investors to only bet for or against specific players or teams, $ASX will enable ASD to provide a new generation of participants with access to an exciting range of market speculation opportunities. that never existed before.

The platform’s mission is to democratize trading based on the performance of sports stars through a digital economy based on $ASX, an entirely new blockchain-based token. ASD’s commercial platform will be launched in time for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in November, and the project already has key partnerships established with other industry leaders (such as Aurora Chain to ensure strong network performance and BitMart to ensure wide access to the network). $ASX utility token.

$ASX will also be used for a wide range of other platform services and functionality. These include paying transaction fees, buying/investing in digital assets, participating in NFT drops, and gambling and winning. $ASX will also power the ASD Metaverse and will be used in ASD fantasy sports leagues.

To facilitate the incorporation of users, ASD has launched attractive product Y utility token summaries Stakeholders, from fans and investors to traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, are invited to learn more about the project, participate in the upcoming IEO, and become early adopters of this innovative new initiative.

You can find more information about AllStars Digital on their website, as well as on Telegram, Twitter and Instagram.