AI Coins The Next Big Crypto Narrative? Predictions As FET, RLC, OCEAN Price Explode


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AI crypto platforms and their native tokens are trending as merchants predict that artificial intelligence will be the next big thing in blockchain alongside the explosion in popularity of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, generative AI and similar technologies. They are right?

AI Crypto Predictions from Traders

analyst of this month bleeding cryptowho has 63k followers, tweeted:

I think AI will be the next craze of the 2024/2025 cycle, so we need as much information on those projects and get in while there are some Satoshis.

Wall also posted a thread of nine tweets for his 242k followers at the beginning of January:

In December 2022 popular influencer lord of crypto tweeted to his 235k followers:

Get into every coin doing anything with AI right now.

Crypto Tony further aware a list of tokens that predicts what might be the best AI coins to see how artificial intelligence will be ‘a great catalyst for the next crypto bull run‘.

jacob bury (@BuryCrypto) referenced a PwC study that estimates that the AI ​​market will be valued at more than $10 billion by 2030.

FET price explosion

While still 87% below its September 2021 all-time high, (FET) has been in the headlines for its recent pump, with a 45% surge in December followed by a further 78% move. % so far in 2023 at that time. of writing

fet price chart price chart – monthly time frame

This was followed by similar mini bull runs for some other Binance AI coins like RLC, up 15% this month, and OCEAN, up 27% this month.

Some lesser-known AI crypto assets have also exploded on KuCoin and Uniswap, such as Multiverse (AI), Vai (VAI), Image Generation AI (IMGNAI), and others.

Are AI coins a bubble?

AI crypto assets have their skeptics, and some traders are wary.

ninja (@ninjascalp) warned his 182k followers:

Technology never mattered… good technology in cryptography isn’t even used. People follow the hype/liquidity…it’s all one big ponzi.

Cevo this week foretold It will take a few more years for crypto AI to “make sense” and while AI will have many use cases and increased demand in 2023, it is mostly a cash grab as a narrative right now.

Johnny (@CryptoGodJohn), one of the most popular crypto Twitter accounts with 436k followers, has tweeted that AI has the potential to be the next big thing in crypto, but he is focusing on hidden AI projects for the next altcoin 100x.

We recall notable AI cryptos that failed during the 2018 bear market, such as Bottos (BTO) and IoT Chain (ITC), which is now abandoned, its website is offline, and its price chart is not tracked on CoinMarketCap.

Early Sale of AI Crypto Project – Dash 2 Trade

An AI-related crypto token not yet listed on exchanges (its IEO will take place tomorrow, Jan 11) that our analysts have been following is dash 2 trade (D2T).

D2T powers an upcoming collaborative trading and crypto analytics platform that tracks social intelligence metrics for cryptocurrency assets, the tagline of which is “built by traders, for traders.”

Launched by the team of quant and crypto analysts behind the Learn 2 Trade community, its presale was featured on Cointelegraph on its first day and is now nearly complete, having raised over $15 million in seed round funding.

The D2T token will appear on LBank, Bitmart, and tomorrow at 10:00 UTC, along with Uniswap DEX and another upcoming listing on Changelly Pro.

Traders can test the beta version of the Dash 2 Trade platform at and register on at the link below.

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