AB de Villiers and Myria Gaming Studio to launch first celebrity-backed cricket blockchain game

Myria also provides a full stack solution for partner studios to build their games on the Myria ecosystem, an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution built for gaming.

AB de Villiers

Myria Gaming Studio has teamed up with renowned South African cricketer AB de Villiers to launch a play-and-win cricket game.

Blockchain gaming company is set to build AB de Villiers’ mobile-based cricket game on Myria infrastructure, making it the first celebrity-endorsed cricket blockchain game to integrate models Blockchain gaming and winnings and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

AB de Villiers was named ICC ODI Player of the Year three times during his 15-year international career and was one of Wisden’s five Cricketers of the Decade at the end of 2019. He is considered one of the best cricketers in the world. sports history.

Available exclusively to mobile users, the game aims to introduce millions of the more than 2.5 billion cricket fans worldwide to blockchain gaming.

“It has always been about cricket. It has always been about entertaining crowds. I am constantly looking for ways to change the game and building my blockchain-enabled cricket game on the Myria platform is the next step for me,” said AB de Villiers. “The main thing is that there is no compromise. My cricket game will be fun and exciting. like a match on the pitch, but it will also be fair and empower digital asset ownership. Myria shares my commitment and together we will bring new cricket experiences to my fans.”

Brendan Duhamel, Head of Blockchain at Myria, said: “It is clear that we have entered a new era for gaming. Cricket icon and innovator, AB de Villiers, is leading the cricket industry in bringing people’s enthusiasm for cricket into the digital realm. Cricket and crypto share the privilege of bringing together incredibly energized and passionate communities. AB has placed his trust in the Myria platform to bring its blockchain-enabled game of cricket to life and together we will usher in a future of empowered players and communities.”

Myria was founded in 2021 as a blockchain game development platform offering free AAA titles and providing a complete solution for partner studios to build their games on the Myria ecosystem, an Ethereum Layer 2 scale solution built for gaming.

While the game is a play-and-win model, the team believes that this is not the only reason players should expect to play the game. Myria and AB de Villiers cricket game aims to bring fun to blockchain gaming, where

According to the announcement, despite being a play and win game, winning is not the main reason to play, unlike many blockchain games, as the goal is to make players really excited to play and create a culture. around the game while they do it. .

The game is likely to receive the most attention in key markets where cricket goes beyond being an ordinary sport and is lived to the fullest, something like a religion. Myria plans to focus her marketing efforts in Asia, Australia and South Africa. The game is expected to launch next year.