A Guide to the Growing Crypto Metaverse


Sandbox is an Ethereum-based decentralized NFT gaming metaverse that allows non-tech-savvy users to create, sell, use, and monetize their own VR NFTs. The crypto metaverse uses its native token SAND to support the entire economy of the game.

NFTs are changing the way we collect art, build communities, win and play. Many NFT-based projects are evolving into full metaverses, with The Sandbox sitting front and center. The creation of the co-founders of Pixowl Arthur Madrid and sebastien borget, Sandbox is unique from other crypto metaverse projects in that its user-generated content ecosystem makes contributing to the metaverse a simple and intuitive task for players with no coding knowledge.

The following guide explores the Sandbox project, its roadmap, how to play Sandbox, and the usefulness of the various tokens in the Sandbox ecosystem, including SAND.

Welcome to the Sandbox World

The Sandbox ecosystem consists of three integrated products and services that make it easy to create user-generated content:

  • VoxEdita program to create the NFT game assets.
  • TO Market to sell and buy those assets.
  • game makerthat gamers use to create their own gaming experiences without programming.

The Vox Crypto SandboxEdit

The basic components of The Sandbox game are 3D pixels called voxels; this term is not native to The Sandbox project, it refers specifically to the development of virtual reality. In The Sandbox, players build their gaming experiences using these lego-like pieces, using the free Sandbox VoxEdit tool. It works similarly to other popular voxel editors, like the popular magic voxel.

You can get an idea of ​​how to do basic things with Voxedit by Pandapops below.

Characters, items, or other game assets created in Voxedit are called ASSETS. They can be converted into NFTs, which are ERC-1155 standard. This standard allows creators to mint any number of copies of the same ASSET. In this way, they can create a single NFT that is the ERC-721 standard and at the same time make multiple copies within the same smart contract.

The project features two tokens related to ASSETS: GEM and CATALYST. Both are fungible ERC-20 tokens. GEMs are used to provide attributes of ASSETS; the more attributes an asset has, the more valuable it is. A GEM can grant 25 attribute points to an ACTIVE.

CATALYSTS define the level and scarcity of assets. They have four tiers like Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary. These levels can have up to 25, 50, 75 and 100 attributes, respectively.

After creating the ASSET, GEMs and CATALYSTS can also be defined in Voxedit.

Make a Sandbox avatar:

Players interact with the metaverse using their avatars. Technically speaking, a Sandbox Avatar is an ASSET that can be created in Voxedit.

How to make sandbox avatar

Recently, the Sandbox introduced a new avatar tool which allows direct customization of avatars without using VoxEdit by mixing and matching different body parts and clothing.

However, it is still in test mode.

The sandbox market

Understanding the difference between asset creators and players in the Sandbox metaverse is essential. Only asset creators who creator background accept you can upload your ASSETS to the project account Market.

The Sandbox Marketplace essentially allows players to monetize the digital assets they created by selling them to other Sandbox players.

Before importing ASSETS to the Marketplace, creators must upload them to the Interplanetary File System (IPFS).

Players can purchase ASSETS from these verified creators on the Marketplace to create gaming experiences.

game maker

Sandbox is not just a game; consists of many standalone games, environments, and other experiences.

The team has left the universe open for creators and players to ultimately build, own, and monetize the metaverse.

You can use Game Maker to create 3D gaming experiences within the metaverse. No previous coding knowledge is required, so even inexperienced game designers can start creating games.

Building applications in sandbox

Game Creation in the Sandbox Metaverse

Experiences you can create with Game Maker they range from action and adventure games to puzzles, from art galleries to homes and social centers. These are just the starting points; users can also try other genres.

The cryptography of the sandbox

From the Sandbox game page.

There are three important components that you will use when creating experiences with Game Maker:


You build the actual topography of your experience using BLOCKS. One meter in the Sandbox metaverse is the equivalent of 32x32x32 voxel cubes.

Blocks can be solid or transparent and come with various variables. By combining variable types, it is possible to create different surfaces, such as a body of water. You can create custom BLOCKS in the VoxEdit program.


As explained above, ASSETS such as trees, vehicles, buildings, etc., are created in VoxEdit and uploaded to the Marketplace by creators. Once added to the library, a player can drag and drop the desired asset into the world they are building in Game Maker.


You assign the behavior to the ASSETS, using Game Maker’s out-of-the-box plug-and-play LOGIC packages. For example, you can customize an item to be a collectible treasure.

Can download Game Maker here.

The Sandbox LANDS:

You can create game experiences in Game Maker for free, but to publish them and allow other players to participate, you’ll need a LAND.

LAND is a digital piece of real estate in the Sandbox metaverse. Each LAND is a unique non-fungible ERC-721 token.

If you are interested in buying a LAND, first familiarize yourself with the entire landscape of the Sandbox Metaverse on the map. Official public sales of LAND are also held on this website. The remaining LANDs will be offered in multiple public sales. Public sale dates are announced on the official community channels on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter.

The sandbox metaverse

The Sandbox Metaverse

LAND from previous public sales can be purchased on the secondary market at OpenSea.

In total, 166,464 LANDs will be available for sale.

In the future, it will be possible to rent and borrow LANDs. Additionally, players can merge adjacent LANDS into larger parcels called ESTATES.

Can you play the Sandbox Game on Oculus Quest 2? No, as of now, there is no support for Sandbox on the Quest.

The Sandbox SAND crypto token

The SAND token (ERC-20) is the native utility token used in the Sandbox metaverse.

For example, to buy LAND from public sales in the game, you will need to have SAND in your wallet. In-game assets, gems, and catalysts must be purchased from the Marketplace with the SAND token. Asset designers can upload their creations to the Marketplace using SAND.

SAND is also a governance token. When Sandbox DAO is released, SAND holders will have the right to participate in governance decisions such as feature prioritization. SAND owners can vote themselves or delegate their voting rights to other players.

At the time of writing, the current market capitalization of SAND is over $4.5 billion. There will be 3,000,000,000 SAND tokens in circulation. SAND can be bought and sold on third party cryptocurrency exchanges such as Gemini, crypto.comand krakenor with pairs of ETH or DAI assets in the uniswap DEX,

SAND can also be staked out via Uniswap (SAND/ETH) and mSAND/MATIC via Polygon for an advertised APR of 36% to 113%*. To learn more about how liquidity mining works, check out our guide to liquidity funds.

The Sandbox team will occasionally host contests and events where users can earn SAND tokens by playing games in the metaverse. In the past, SAND was also distributed to the community through airdrops. In the future, owners will be able to stake ARENA on their LANDS to earn GEM which they can then sell to asset creators.

*Not financial advice.

Final Thoughts: What does the future hold for the crypto world of The Sandbox?

the Sandbox partnered with over 165 brands including big brands like The Walking Dead, Smurfs and Atari. These partnerships take the form of Deadmau5 and Snoop Dogg virtual concerts and a Walking Dead game. The project has also raised $93 million so far and the team is dedicated to building its product suite and metaverse.

Snoop Dogg in the Metaverse Sandbox

Snoop Dogg in the Metaverse Sandbox

In 2022, some new metaverse features will be offered to LAND owners who have created great gaming experiences.

The DAO Sandbox is planned for the second quarter of 2022.

Mobile version and new community tokens in sight for Q4 2022.