A Complete Guide To Launch An IDO Platform Like Polkastarter Clone

Cryptocurrency is taking over the world at a faster rate. Everyone around is trying to catch up with new trends and currencies in the industry. If a crypto project is proposed, it needs funding to enter the market. Most of these projects go with crowdfunding to get the capital for their project. But not all projects receive good funding. The project has to reach potential investors and be in the spotlight to get more funding. . That is why the initial DEX offering is followed by many crypto-based projects.

What is an IDO Launchpad?

If someone says that this project is launching an IDO, it means that they are selling their cryptocurrency or token through a decentralized liquidity exchange. That is, the crypto currency is exchanged with another stablecoin on an IDO launchpad like PolkaStarter. A decentralized crowdfunding platform like PolkaStarter lists potential projects on the platform and helps them through the funding process.

Advantages of an IDO launchpad like Polkastarter over other crowdfunding methods

Compared to other crowdfunding related crowdfunding methods like ICO and IEO, IDO is advantageous. The following are the reasons why crypto projects go with initial DEX offerings.

  • ICOs and IEOs require an exchange fee and the project must wait for approval before they are listed. But at IDO there is no need for an exchange fee.

  • IDO is a completely decentralized approach where there is no centralized authority to have control over the listings.

  • At IDO, instead of waiting for approval to be listed, the list relies on the vocal members of the community reviewing the project. This becomes the gateway for small projects to get massive collaboration.

  • IDO offers immediate liquidity and trading without any waiting period like ICO and IEO

Features of IDO Launchpad like Polkastarter

In a Polkastarter clone, the features are already built in and tested. The clone is open to customization. Some of the significant features of the Polkastarter clone are as follows:

  • Cross-chain exchanges: the platform can support interoperability. That is, it can operate with multiple blockchains.

  • Anti-scam feature: Since the platform works on a decentralized liquidity pool, it does not have any centralized authority to control the authenticity of the listings. But the launchpad’s anti-scanning features can identify legitimate projects and list them. This builds trust and reliability for investors.

  • KYC integration: Users can start using the launch pad only after KYC integration. This is an additional security feature on the platform.

  • Fixed and dynamic swaps: listed projects get instant capital. They can launch their own sets of interoperable tokens. They are fixed and dynamic swaps.

  • Permissionless Listings: Projects do not need to wait for permission to appear on potential project listings. Listings can be made by anyone on the platform.

  • Governance model: The launch pad works with a governance model. An algorithm validates the scope of the consensus and execution is automatically enabled.

How does a Polkastarter work?

The operation of an IDO Launchpad Like PolkaStarter is very simple. Its interface is also simple and easy to understand for beginners.

  1. The first step is that users must have a proper crypto wallet. Polkastarter officially supports the desktop version of Metamask. All desktop wallets are integrated with the platform.

  2. After funding the wallet with the required funds, users need to check the whitelist status. The platform dashboard will be able to check the status of the whitelist.

  3. When IDO is launched, the IDO Token Sale will take place. Users need to go to the official page of the whitelisted project and prepare the wallet.

  4. After the launch of the sale, investors can join the sale and make their contribution to the IDO.

  5. After a few minutes, there will be a verification that the user has successfully participated in the sale.

As of now, the original Polkastarter platform does not support mobile wallets. But desktop wallets will work just fine with Polkastarter. Although it may take a while to check if the Metamask wallet and the network wallet are connected, the platform offers a smooth transaction to users.

Why choose a Polkastarter clone?

A Polkastarter Clone is a Whitelabel solution that is pre-built and ready to go Polkastarter Clone Learn more about us at every stage, email:
[email protected] as well as make an appointment with us. To call: +91 80561 76377. Unlike building a platform from scratch, this method is less time consuming and more cost effective. The platform is already designed and developed by the experts and is open to customization. The testing phase of the platform will also be completed and it will be a powerful platform that is ready for launch.


If you are a young tycoon looking for a door to open up to blockchain technology, this is the right platform for you. With the rapid emergence of cryptocurrencies, the industry has a great return on investment. Put on your seat belts and start your journey in the Crypto world with a Decentralized crowdfunding platform like Polkastarter.